Faith Over Fear


One Thing That is Free 

Nothing on this earth is free. Some ads might claim that you’ll get something for free, but sooner or later, down in the fine print, you end up paying for whatever product or promise has been given. This is why it’s hard to grasp that the most important thing a person can ever have in life – God’s grace – is free. It’s free to anyone who believes in Him. What’s the catch? Jesus is the catch. He took the eternal consequences for our sins in full measure on Himself. He covered the charge; He bought us with His life. Are we to think He will lose His purchase? No! All who believe and have faith in Him receive grace without measure. There are no returns because of malfunction or brokenness. His grace covers, mends, heals, and rebuilds so that we can be whole in His presence. His grace is the means by which we take one step of faith after another until we see Him face to face.

May you not miss it. May you receive His gift of grace for your life without hesitation!


Father, I hear the word free and sometimes find it hard to grasp the reality of Your grace. It’s hard to accept that there’s nothing I must do to earn it. Thank You for such a gift. Help me to fully receive it and walk in the freedom grace provides.

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