Faith Over Fear


Faith Means Family 

It is said there is power in numbers, and it’s true. Multiple columns holding up a heavy structure are far more effective than one. Four legs on a chair are more stable than three. The same is true for people – we were meant to thrive in community, whether with blood relatives or kindred spirits. When we have fellowship with God, we are strengthened in the spirit – His Spirit – and we are never alone. Fellowship with Him and other believers means the gift of encouragement that feeds our faith and strengthens the bonds of God’s truth in our lives. We are better able to withstand the trials and remain steadfast in the heat of our battles. Faith doesn’t spotlight lone rangers – it welcomes and provides a safe and secure home for every seeking soul. Faith means the comfort of family to do life – together.


Lord, when I feel weak, I often want to stay home and isolate myself from others. Help me to speak up and reach out – help me to seek encouragement from others and know it’s okay. Help me to not be ashamed of needing prayer and support from friends. And help me do the same for others who are feeling downcast.