Faith Over Fear


Power in Progress 

Life on this earth can bring some pretty difficult circumstances. Sometimes our own poor decisions bring hardship, but oftentimes hurt and pain are caused by someone else’s actions. Having faith in God doesn’t make any of us immune to attack, theft, loss, or abandonment. But having faith does make us immune to succumbing to a victim mentality. That’s because a victim mentality is not a Jesus mentality. When certain death seemed to be the case for Him, certain life was the actual result. Jesus had the power to resurrect from the grave, and we have that same power in us. Through faith, we have the power to rise up out of the ash heap and keep moving forward. We may not move as quickly for a while, but we can move, one step at a time and one prayer at a time.


Lord, thank You for Your healing grace and love so dear. You help me to rise from the depths and fill me with peace that passes understanding. You bring new life to my spirit and clothe me with Your power. With You, I claim the victory that is mine each and every day.