Faith Over Fear


Believing is Seeing

You’ve probably heard, and even said, the phrase “Seeing is believing.” We often wait to believe what others tell us until after we’ve seen it for ourselves. That’s because humans often lie and exaggerate in order to get their way, and we don’t want to be taken for fools. This was a frustration Jesus dealt with when He walked the earth – and even still to this day. This is because He says, “Believing is seeing.” He wants us to first believe that He will fulfill His promises to us. Our faith – our actions on our belief – is what ignites His power in our lives. His death on a cross and resurrected body is the greatest evidence that He does what He says He’ll do. He is the One who can be trusted in all things, even to the point of death on our behalf.


Jesus, thank You for being the light of truth in a world that offers lies and deceit at every turn. Thank You for the peace I have in knowing You will do exactly what You say You will do and that You can be trusted at all times. I hold onto that today.