Faith Over Fear


Be On Guard 

If you take any kind of self-defense class, one of the most important things you learn is awareness of your surroundings. Always be aware of where you’re going and who’s around you. Why? To prevent yourself from walking into a dangerous situation and to identify the quickest escape route. These safety measures hold true to your spiritual safety as well. Are you walking closely with Christ, staying by His side? Are you abiding in His presence? Are your eyes on Him? The greatest defense we have against an enemy that prowls is being aware of his presence and knowing where our true safety lies. Jesus is the One who guards our hearts and keeps us in perfect peace. His shield of faith around us is indestructible.


Jesus, thank You for being my protector, for being a constant Source of all that is safe and sound, assuring and calm. Help me to be on guard today, both physically and mentally. Help me to take my thoughts captive to Your presence and keep the enemy out. Help me to remain aware of Your presence in my life and to live in the peace that is mine when I abide in You.