Faith Over Fear


Faith in Our Falls

When we are walking closely with God, it seems only natural to have a calm assurance in our faith – the two go hand in hand. But what about the times we stray? What about the times temptation wins and we get so far away from Him, we believe in our heart of hearts we’ve gone too far… so far, God would never want us back? Where does the faith we used to have go? Does it just disappear into nothing? Does it dissipate along with God, never to return? The answer is, it’s still there. God doesn’t leave us – we do the leaving. He’s still there, unchanged, holding onto our faith on our behalf while waiting and longing for our return. God so loves us, even in our sin, He will never leave. He yearns to embrace, to forgive, to celebrate, and to return the faith we left for an even stronger bond of love and devotion. When we are at our lowest, He is at His strongest to woo us back home into His arms.


Father, I am so grateful for Your mercy and forgiveness in the times I’ve strayed. Thank You for the assurance of Your love and for wiping my slate clean over and over. You are gracious, and You are good. I am so glad I belong to You now and for always.