Faith Over Fear


He Listens, and He Cares 

When people meet in a group for the first time, they can often feel awkward about sharing anything too personal. No one knows what topics are safe or how they will be received. Sometimes it helps for the host or leader to have an icebreaker: something to say or do that puts everyone at ease. It is much the same with God – He is a loving icebreaker for us. When we approach Him with a shell around our hearts and struggle to speak honestly about a hurt, pain, or fear, the Host of heaven listens with empathy and instills the warmth of His love. In His presence, we are safe to speak freely – or not. He knows the deep thoughts of our hearts. No amount of toughness can withstand the force of His compassion and the healing it brings. We have a gracious and wonderful God.


Lord, I am grateful I can come to You and lay bare all that is on my heart. Sometimes it’s hard to pray – the words don’t always flow. But Your warm and patient love remains with a longing to hear and a readiness to comfort. Thank You for being a safe place to be me, just the way I am.