Faith Over Fear


Stop, Kneel, and Pray 

If you’re like all other human beings, you’ve experienced some very troublesome and devastating days in your life, maybe even seasons. You might even be living in one right now. It’s hard not to give in to panic and then make decisions out of fear – poor decisions, that is. It’s these times when faith is what everything boils down to. In a split second, you can either get swept up by the swift current before you and hope not to drown, or you can stop and kneel in firm belief that God is with you and will help. He truly is an ever-present help in trouble, and He has the answers and provision you need – all of them. Call to Him. Seek Him with all your heart. He is faithful to those who love Him and believe.


Lord, I bow to You with a humble heart and fall into Your strong arms. Keep my feet firm and my heart strong no matter the turmoil around me. Seal me with Your loving touch and protect me from this storm. In You I place my faith.