Faith Over Fear


Weak Faith, Strong Christ

Time and again in the New Testament, Jesus calls out the fact that we as believers have doubt, with little faith to overcome it. And each mention is a precursor to an example of His power and ability. Does He do this to make us feel inferior or discouraged? No! He does it out of truth and compassion, knowing just how helpless humankind is without a Savior. He wants to provide an accurate contrast between our weakness and His might. Looking to His strength from our lowly perspective puts us, and Him, in our rightful places – not to create a picture of Him lording over us, but to help us understand that He is the one true source of power and strength for us all. Even when our faith is at its greatest, it is still weak compared to the strength He provides. Our weak faith applied to a strong Christ equals victory in all circumstances.


Lord, I am so needy for Your strength – I cannot do life with any measure of success without You. I look to You now and draw from the power that is mine to abolish any doubt or fear that I carry in my heart. I claim the victory that is mine today as I depend on You.