Jesus Every Day: 10 Prayers To Awaken Your Soul

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Prayer is the intersection between an almighty God and our all-encompassing need. Let these short daily prayers be your guide to discover the nearness of Jesus when you meet him every day in prayer.

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A Prayer for Determination 


I want to be like Ezra. But first I need to value your Word, making it a priority in my life. Steep me in it. Give me a deep-seated passion for everything written in its pages. Teach me to not only know, memorize, and meditate on it, but to also internalize, then obey it joyfully. I will truly know your Word when doing what it says is a priority in my life.

Study and obey—it’s how I want to be known. Teach me to value what you value. May your Word become my greatest standard, how I measure everything. May it become the filter by which I see my world, regardless of the opinions of others. I’m grateful it never changes, never wanes, and always points to you and what you’ve done.

Show me people in my life (or bring new folks) to whom I can teach your Word. I confess I am afraid to do that. I don’t feel qualified or ready. But I do know that people are starving, that biblical literacy is waning, and so I choose to raise my hand and volunteer. Reveal the who and the when of this important task.

Your Word is truly a spotlight on my heart, a beacon highlighting the next steps you want me to take, a measuring stick of my outward behavior, and the most amazing love story about a God who pursues his people. I love it, and I love you.


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These prayers are adapted from Jesus Every Day by Mary DeMuth. To find more prayers that will help initiate the kind of authentic conversation you’ve always yearned to have with your Savior, learn more here.