Wait in Him

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Trust in His Strength

Ezekiel 31 describes the cedars of Lebanon and how they grew strong due to their connection to the deep springs. These trees stood taller than all of the other trees because of their deep connection to their source. They drew their strength from the springs. 

We can draw on the Lord for our advantage as well. Waiting can seem wearisome at times, but when we call out to Him and stay connected to Him as our source, we find strength and hope. 

One of the most extraordinary things that happens when we stay connected to our source, though, is that others will find refuge because of our connection. The birds and other animals took refuge in the beautiful cedars of Lebanon. Likewise, we have a direct impact on how others grow in the Lord. 

Think About This

Who do you want to impact, and how, as you wait in Him and rely on His strength?

Take Action Steps

CALL out His name and BREATHE in His strength and power to help lead you. FEEL His springs of life flow through you. 

Talk to The Lord in Prayer

Oh Lord, make me like the cedars of Lebanon, connected to You, my source of strength and life. May my life in You flourish and affect everyone around me. I want those close to me to feel the strength and power of Your love. I want those who may come in contact with me to see You shining through me. Amen.