The life of Jesus is radically different from every other life ever lived. This is simply because Jesus lived life from the eternal view of things. He came from the Father to complete a God-given mandate. This assignment involved suffering. Jesus looked beyond the present scope of suffering into the joy that He would experience in eternity.

So while He could see the weight of the suffering on the cross on one hand, He could simply look through that weight into the other side of joy. The cross involved shame far more than we can understand. Imagine the miracle worker who opened blind eyes, deaf ears and before whom demons bowed in confession to His deity. He was now to arm himself with suffering. Despite all of this, He looks not to the current situation but to what lies beyond.

The scripture encourages us to “FIX” our eyes upon Him who also is the author and perfecter of our faith, which simply means that not only was He involved in planting the seed of faith in us to believe in His Name, but He also stays with us during times of unbelief and discouragement, lifting us up and giving us the ability to stand firm and believe in His Name. What the scripture urges us again is “TO FIX OUR EYES…”

Lesson: Worship is beholding Jesus. If we FIX our eyes upon Jesus, we can look past present sufferings, unbelief and shame into the joy of being around the throne of joy.


Many times where we lack is planning. We somehow feel like God will handle everything and everything will happen for our own good. It is true that God loves us and He has, for this reason, given us a mind to think, reason and rationalize. The Bible also urges us to pursue wisdom and knowledge. We should be very clear about what we desire to do or what is expected of us. Once we are certain of what is required of us, according to this verse, we are encouraged to do it with all our might. Sometimes we know what we ought to do, but we just do not do it with all our might. We put in sub-standard effort and we do not give it our best. This would be a waste of the talent, potential and grace given to us by God.

Godly people who have achieved great things for God have been people who, out of the God-given grace, have pursued excellence in all that they do. Doing it with ‘all your might’ can result in fatigue and exhaustion. And rest is found when we worship God.

Lesson: You can glorify God simply by the dedication exhibited at a given assignment.