There are mainly two types of people in the world, those who accept the message of Jesus and those who reject His message. People who reject the message of Jesus are given over to blindness. They can neither see Him nor have a revelation of His glory. But, like here in the scriptures, Jesus had revealed Himself to the disciples. Not only that, He was willing to explain to them all the secrets of the kingdom.

The kingdom of God is loaded and flooded with secrets. Its functioning and operation is contrary to the world. Since we have lived in the world, we understand how the world functions. We understand its laws, its heroes and its glory. To understand how the kingdom of God is, we need to be with Jesus. We need to keep track with what He is saying to us at any given time. He does so through His word and by His Spirit.

There are many things our hearts long to understand. All these truths we can only understand by His Spirit. To the rest of the world, it is like a vague story, and unless a person is born of the Spirit through Jesus, he can never dream of coming to terms with it. Scientists cannot even come to terms with the glory that God has hidden in the earth. So leave aside the possibility of researchers and scholars finding what lies on the other side of life. We have access to all the secrets of the kingdom of God through Jesus. If we choose to ignore His voice, it is but obvious that we will forfeit the joy of knowing and walking in these truths, which are of eternal significance.

Lesson: Jesus holds the secret to the kingdom of God. We have access to it by the Holy Spirit.


Many times we do something to be recognized, noticed or appreciated. We desire that people would acknowledge us, and when somebody does we feel great satisfaction. While it is not completely wrong to think that way, it will eventually only lead to self-esteem and pride in our own strength and ability. The scripture deals with an attitude difference here when it shifts the glory to God.

So whenever we do a task, so much so even when we eat or drink, we should do it to the glory of God and not ourselves. Sometimes we eat like gluttons or we can possibly drink a glass of juice like we have been thirsty for days. This will not bring glory to God. Rather, when we have an attitude of thanksgiving towards God for the food and the drink, we become conscious of His goodness and presence. Likewise, whatever we do, we must be conscious of God’s presence and do it for His glory rather than ours.

We will figure out that if we truly love God and wish that people come to know Him through our actions, we would then be careful not to overdo a thing. A man who is praised by men is of value to men, but a man who is praised by God is of great value and pride to God. People who possess an attitude to see God’s Name lifted high and not theirs bring glory to God and joy to themselves and others.

Lesson: The chief end of all things should be that God’s Name be glorified, not ours.