Jesus makes it very clear in John 15 that without Him, we can do nothing. We need God to be our help at all times. Each day holds its own quantum of worry. Worry stems from the volume of work expected of us. There are new challenges, temptations, people problems, crossroads and decisions we need to make every day.

It is so vitally important that for this, we connect with God in the morning in order to seek His help. We must worship Him and connect with Him in order to receive His perspectives for the day. When we pray early, before our mind is flooded with prejudices, worries and hassles, we allow God to take over and shut the door to all the rest. Waking up to pray should become habitual to us if we want to see God’s hand supernaturally in our situations.

Waking up and making time to pray do not come easy. We might need to cut down on phone calls, unnecessary conversations, television time and some other likes so that we make room for enough rest through the night. If we ignore these disciplines, our prayer time with God gets compromised, we wrestle throughout the day and our peace is lost. This is almost a chain reaction and has consequences on almost everything we do.

Lesson: To keep morning prayer going well, it is necessary to cut down on the previous night’s unnecessary conversations, television, social media, internet and such things.


How would you like someone constantly bothering you and eagerly trying to get INVOLVED in your affairs? Would you want to despise or shun that sort of a person away? The Bible calls such people as ‘busy bodies. The scripture presses us on to maturity here when it exhorts us to make it our “AMBITION” to lead a quiet life.

This sort of a quiet life can be cultivated only when a person understands the balance of worship life and work life. Neither of them can be compromised. We are encouraged by Paul here to work with our own hands and be independent of anybody’s help. This is a means to gain respect.

So we need to focus on our own job, be good at it and be engrossed in our own business and not unnecessarily involve ourselves in the business of others that do not concern us or determine our progress in any way. These will earn us respect among the brethren and even in society. In doing so, our lives will be quiet and independent of others' help which is good and fitting for godly people.

Lesson: You have enough of your own things to be concerned about before getting involved in the activity of others.