God is a mystery. No one is able to comprehend His majestic worth and glory. Even pagans try to encompass Him into an idol or a mystical being with several hands and miraculous powers but these objects are vanity. For years and generations together, people have worshiped the sun, moon, trees and so many other things. Some of this worship has been sincere attempts to reach out to a transcendent Creator.

However, God can never be sought out or researched. He is someone who must reveal Himself to creation so that He can be worshiped. In the life of Jesus, His claims were thought to be outrageous and blasphemous by religious scribes and Pharisees. However, in His incarnation, He carries the entire glory of God in himself. It is a different thing that even to perceive that glory; God needs to give us eyes through the Holy Spirit.

He does that when we accept Jesus as our savior and by faith when we draw near to Him. Mysteries suddenly vanish and it becomes clear revelation to us about the deity of Jesus. Yes, it is true that the entirety of God is in Christ and He is God. He is above all rule and authority and has forever existed as God and will forever be God. He is worthy to be worshiped as God.

Lesson: There is nobody higher than Jesus. He is the supreme authority.


Sometimes as Christians we see how other people function deceitfully while the word of God draws clear lines for us. At times like these our values are tested and we wonder looking at the prosperity of others whether it is really worth holding on to our gospel values at the cost of compromising on growth. The wicked are swift to grow, and deceitfully they climb up and make way for themselves up to the top. But are we to behave in the same way?

The scripture here encourages us to be zealous about the fear of the Lord. It is a chase that may not yield immediate earthly rewards but will result in being commended in heaven. Remember, Jesus was offered a simple deal by the devil in the wilderness. If Jesus was to make that compromise, the purpose for which God the Father had sent him to the earth would be lost in an instant. Because Jesus uncompromisingly overcame with the help of God’s Word that day, do we get to see the lights of the kingdom of heaven. Likewise, our little compromises on the earth might result in the diminishment of the greater glories we would otherwise see in the coming age (Rom 8:18).

Lesson: Let’s not get weighed down by the manipulative ways of the wicked, for God will reward everyone according to his work.