Prior to the coming of Jesus, the world was left in a dilemma all by itself. Sin had restricted the involvement of a Holy God in the affairs of men basically because of our refusal. Rebellion and depravity had caused spiritual deafness to the degree that even if God communicated, who would hear? Hence, He sent Jesus to be the Light of the World. Now, after His coming, those who’ve received Him have walked in from a dark, uncertain, aimless, rebellious lifestyle into a bright, certain, purposeful, submissive lifestyle which is God centered.

It is for us who have crossed over from death to life through Christ to realize that we are no longer far from God, no matter how much Satan desires for us to feel that way. We are now part of a family whose head is God. We are not lost but rather found. We are not condemned but rather forgiven. No matter how much we drive these truths into our hearts, we feel the enemy’s lies trying to contradict all that we believe. Let us one more time hold fast to the promises of God and the truth that we are accepted and welcomed, not rejected to be lost.

Lesson: We have no fellowship with the world because we don’t belong to it. Our fellowship is with God.


During the course of the day, there are different people we meet and different levels of dealings. Sometimes it is an issue of a certain work which needs to get done in limited time. At times like these, pressure levels can be high and exchange of words can get impolite, especially as deadlines need to be met. It is in these conditions that what is most important is for us to keep our calm and make sure we don’t lose our peace.

If our peace is lost, our day can be ruined instantly. Not only so, the chain of events that follow after that can devastate our relationships at home as we carry along with us our work pressures. The scripture tells us that it would be only foolish to be quick to quarrel. Also, sometimes rough conversations can lead to strife and we can be upset with a particular person or colleague or peer. This calls for carrying unnecessary baggage. Wisdom calls to keep out of this sort of roughing up and to avoid getting into a space.

Lesson: Come what may, cherish your peace and don’t give it away. The peace that Jesus gives you transcends all human understanding. It should protect you through the roughest dealings with men.