The greatest enemy of man is not the devil. It is himself. We realize that we are fallen beings enslaved to sin. Jesus has come and freed us from the penalty of sin. But to walk in freedom from its power requires more than attending church on a Sunday morning.

The scripture uses heavy and brutal terms for the conflict against the soul. We are never at rest and we are in need of ever increasing strength to fight this war against the sinful nature. Jesus himself was tempted in the wilderness and He chose to deal with it the scriptural way. God’s word has many promises and commandments that have been put there to assist us in our battles.

As it reads above, the only way we can fight sin is by living according to God’s word. Living in a sin-infested world makes it easy to stray away into an impure route or path, and if there is one thing that can lead us in God’s pure way for us, it is His Word.

Lesson: Saturate yourself with God’s word. Let it be the primary influence over your life. Then you can be assured of leading a pure life.


We hear a lot of Christian television, sermons and messages on how God will bless you and how you can earn your financial breakthrough through faith. However, hard work is also very important. As we rely on God's grace we would do well to train ourselves to be disciplined and hard working, and our faith and believing can then position us for breakthrough.

The book of Proverbs is filled with simple practical ways to prosper. It is not by bribing God through our prayers that we can get him to bless us. God’s favor certainly gave the Old Testament saints the extra edge over the others. But more importantly, they made use of God-given wisdom and converted it into productive work.

Why else would Jacob dig wells, David tend sheep and Paul do tents? When we try to over-spiritualize practical realities, we land up with disasters which we then blame on the devil. All of this is manifestation of laziness.

Lesson: Drive yourself to discipline and hard work. Make use of all the gifts and grace God has given you. Multiply them through your labor and you will please God and do yourself good.