Enemies! We have forever faced them. We always have people we don't get along with. For some reason it doesn’t stop there. These people try their best to put us down, tarnish our image and do all sorts of things to deliberately cause harm to us. We also face our spiritual enemy, Satan, and many of our human enemies are instruments in His hands. The scripture gives us relief. It tells us that the commands of God keep us way ahead of our enemies. David was a king who was often ahead of his enemies in battle.

He loved God and did all that he could to honor God. As a result, he was wise and sharp. He had strategies from divine wisdom that his enemies could not catch up with. We continually face struggles and battles, and if we spend time meditating on the commands of God and His directions given to us in scripture, we will be able to deal wisely with the enemies who are ever with us. God’s commands possess divine wisdom and understanding to deal with people who do not like us or that are totally contrary to our opinions.

Lesson: Pray not for God to remove your enemies. Pray for God to simply make you wiser than them.


If we look at biblical examples such as Joseph and Daniel, these were men in cutting edge oppressive surroundings. What is amazing about them is that they prospered in unfamiliar surroundings. It is easy to be the best at home or in your school. But when you compete at a greater level among some of the more brilliant minds, that’s when the challenge comes in. Not only so, but imagine when all those brilliant minds plot to kill you or displace you from your position. That forms more than enough negative force.

At a time like this, only God has the power to save. One of the ways He saves is by the gift of wisdom. God favored Daniel and Joseph and gave them favor in terms of superior wisdom. They viewed things differently, made constructive plans, gave brilliant solutions to the king which made the king favor them. Even in cutting edge workplace surroundings, God gives amazing wisdom to His children.

We must pursue this wisdom which comes by having a good relationship with God and His Holy Spirit. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit is our counselor, which means He is there to guide us with plans, crisis solutions and projections to steer us towards success. This will bring pleasure to our immediate superiors who will take delight in us.

Lesson: There are people who act on what is told to them and there are those who see a need and act on it even before it is told to them. Superiors prefer the latter and delight in them.