‘God is good all the time and all the time, God is good.’ This is a famous line from a song by Don Moen who wrote this song when his son went to be with the Lord. In a trying time like that, Don was able to write such a beautiful song to God because he saw God’s goodness even in the fact that He took his son to be with Him.

God does beautiful things in our lives. He is the God who has carried us thus far through storms, dark nights and through all the pain. Singing is a natural response of praise. When we’re happy and excited, it does not take long for that jolt of joy to pass through our entire body.

Natural responses are ‘to sing’ and ‘to dance.’ At this moment, though we might have struggles that we’ve not fully overcome yet, let’s take time to sing of all of those times where God has been our strength when we needed Him the most. And if He turned up there and did such amazing things, if He indeed has been so good to us, what can stop us from experiencing His goodness in our current situations?

It is important to sing and express. We do not serve a far-off impersonal God who does not understand or care about our song. In fact, we serve a God who is personal to us, closer to us than our breath. He delights in our songs and He is the One responsible for putting these songs on our lips as well. Are you praising God with a new song today?

Lesson: If we have experienced His goodness, nothing can stop us from singing. If we can’t sing, we’re probably unthankful.


Jesus is our ultimate example. We worship Jesus and hence, we ought to follow His example and walk in His footsteps. What differentiates a Christian from one who’s not more than the faith factor is the ‘deed’ factor. Because Christ lives in us, we live lives that are startlingly different.

At our place of work or any place of social surrounding, we can sometimes be mistreated. Injustice can possibly rise up to unbearable degrees. While we can argue our case and try to deal well, what do you do to someone that’s constantly deliberate on causing harm to you for unjustifiable reasons?

The answer is that we suffer well. The difference between Christ and any other autocratic King is the fact that Jesus conquered by suffering. Jesus conquered all that is outside human reach to conquer purely by suffering well. The scripture paints a beautiful picture that shows that even in the most intense suffering, Christ’s heart did not become bitter. Instead, He entrusted himself to the Father who judges justly. He went a step further when he prayed for the forgiveness of those who persecuted Him. This could not be possible by anyone other than the embodiment of Deity Himself.

Lesson: If we have to suffer under injustice, let’s look to Jesus and not let our hearts become bitter. The God of justice will bring all things to judgment at the end. Let’s live in this hope and continue in Christ-like love.