DIY for the Soul


In the age of social media, it’s as easy as it’s ever been to present a version of ourselves to the world that is only partially true.  We can make it look like we have accomplished something impressive and hide the reality behind a good camera angle and a convenient filter. 

This passage from Galatians reminds us that God is fully aware of our true selves and over time, the truth always comes to light. While there may be conviction found when we look at what things our spirit and actions have been sowing, there is also great encouragement in knowing that our faithful God sees and rewards the steps of faith we take! 

We have to trust His timing and we have to consistently pursue growth in Him, but when we do, we will reap the benefits! That is a promise from God, and He always keeps His word. 

Where have you been investing your time? Has your focus been on spiritual growth or in something more temporary? Whatever your answer, the good news is we still have time to make a change. Today is the perfect time to take the first step. Will you take it?