DIY for the Soul


For the majority of the world, in today’s context, I would venture to say that people aren’t satisfied with their lives. 

If you could take a self assessment of your everyday life, how would you answer the question, “Are you satisfied”? Think about it. Generally, we want to be better at something we’re not good at, we want what’s bigger and better, we want the latest and greatest of that one thing we know will absolutely benefit our lives. We convince ourselves of these things every day. We make decisions, some big and some very minor, that either help us in the now or later, all for the sake of being more “satisfied”. 

The hard truth is this outward definition of being satisfied means nothing if there is no inward satisfaction to begin with. 

This passage of scripture from Psalms reminds us that for those of us that have a relationship with God, He is the provider of all our needs. Notice I did not say our wants. I personally get those confused so many times. Today, may we be a people that stand up, completely satisfied in the things of God, and walk our lives knowing He is the only one that satisfies our soul. 

Reading this passage of scripture what stands out to you? Do you live satisfied in God? Explain. Do those things honor God?