DIY for the Soul


When I read Joshua 22:5, I can’t help but think about Joshua and the incredible warrior he was and how he went in and conquered the Promised Land. 

Joshua needed to be reminded to “be very careful to keep the commandment”, “to love the Lord your God”, “to walk in obedience to him”, and “to keep his commands”. 

We are talking about a powerful man, a leader, the leader of God’s army. Even this man needed to hold fast to God and focus on serving him with all his heart and soul. 

I don’t think we realize it but there is a daily battle for our soul, our heart, our obedience and our willingness to keep his commands. We, like Joshua, have to approach our daily battle while we “hold fast to him”. 

Are you being very careful to keep his commands? If not, what area are you not? Why not? What do you need to change? Take a look at your heart and soul. Are you serving Him with all your heart and soul? That is a tough question for me.