DIY for the Soul


Do you ever feel rushed to get everything done in your day? Are you like me and love marking tasks off your to do list?

David has some wisdom for us. He asks God to help him number his days. He is wanting to make every day count! Have you ever noticed when you count the days they become a little more special? Remember as a kid when you counted the days until Christmas, until your birthday, or until school was out? We were so excited for each day!

Another way I’ve heard this put is to “count your days so you can make your days count”. When we are only rushing around trying to get tasks done, then we sometimes forget about the big picture. We need to remind ourselves that we only have a certain amount of time on this earth, we need to make our days count. So instead of just getting life done, what if we took some time to remember that we aren’t here forever.

David asks that he may gain wisdom. He wants to be able to focus on the important things. I know we need to get a lot done each day, but what if we slowed down and made the most important things in our life—our relationship with Jesus, family, and our health—a priority? 

What would look different in your life if you took time to slow down and remember to count every day a blessing instead of just rushing through to get everything done?