DIY for the Soul


What happens when you have your whole family over to your house for Thanksgiving dinner? If you’re like me, you spend all your time in the kitchen preparing the meal while everyone else is enjoying conversation, community, and laughter in the other room. It’s stressful and time consuming. And what do you have left at the end of the night? Pure exhaustion, and another Thanksgiving gone where you didn’t get to catch up with the people you love who you don’t see often enough. 

Life is like this. Everyone is in such a hurry to get things done, to have the most, to be the most, that they miss out on some really important things. 

Have you ever asked your kids to put down their phones long enough to look out the window and see the world around them? 

I have trouble resting, relaxing, and finding quiet time. But when I do, it’s very refreshing and I wonder why I don’t do it more often. I read a quote that says “Hurry is the great enemy of the spiritual life”. 

How can you spend time with God if you let the busyness of this world control you? God wants to spend time with us. He wants to talk to us, share this life with us, give us peace, but He can’t do that if we don’t take time to be still. 

Are you a Martha or a Mary? If Jesus was actually sitting in your living room right now, would you forget all else, sit at his feet, and listen to every word he said? I sure would. Just because He’s not physically here, is it less important to spend time with Him? What do you have to declutter about your daily life that would allow you to spend more quiet time with God?