DIY for the Soul


Every year, I have a word that I focus on. In 2019, it was “renew”. I realized that I did not want to live in this expectation of always saying “yes”. I did not want to be burned out of things that I loved and enjoyed. I did not want to approach people with a restless and grumpy attitude or serve out of conceit. It was time for a change. 

I made sure I set time aside each night before bed and an evening each week for me to rest and not work or satisfy people. The goal was to let God renew my mind, body, and spirit. 

If we don’t take time for renewal, we can’t impact the Kingdom the way we were designed to. I understand time and a busy schedule get, in the way, but consider how much time you are spending scrolling on Facebook or Instagram. Those minutes (and hours) add up. Try switching it up. 

My challenge for you is to set one hour aside today spending time with the Lord and resting in His presence. Then expand next week and do a whole evening. Let Him renew you. Take out a journal, play some worship music, read scripture, go for a walk wherever you feel closest to God.