Shut Hell Up

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Day One: Get Unstuck

Do you feel stuck in certain areas of your life? Maybe God is waiting for you to lay down something so He can finally move. Just as a physical move requires you to leave something behind, so does a spiritual move.

What are you desperately clutching that you need to release? God is waiting for you to obey Him. He wants to move in your life. Don’t let stubbornness or even inadequacy keep you from His blessings.

When I found today’s beautiful scripture, it transformed me. But it was much later in my life. If I can open your understanding to the greatness of God’s Spirit guiding and directing you despite your failures, you will be way ahead of the struggle I faced all those years. When you realize, like I finally did, that God is in the middle of every struggle, you will stop fighting what doesn’t work.

God is opening a better way. You don’t have to stay stuck. You don’t have to be ruled by your emotions. You can choose to move from one challenge to the next and enjoy your journey. You can choose to set aside other people’s negativity and be thankful for today.