Shut Hell Up

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Day Seven: Finish Strong

Have you ever thought about the boy David who became the greatest king in biblical history? He didn’t start out that way. He wrote many psalms in which he shares the heartache of being a lonely shepherd boy left to care for his father’s flock, a sibling despised by his brothers, a person without the comfort of friends, and a man surrounded by enemies.

Scholars have speculated as to why David was so viciously rejected, but that’s a story for another day. The point here is how God turned his life around.

Who would believe that this young man could become king of Israel? Certainly not his brothers! They did not see what God saw. They did not know what God knew.

How many times have you felt that your family or peers would never accept you? How long have you suffered while awaiting justice? How long have you felt that no one understood your pain, suffering, and loneliness? If David were here today, I’m sure he could tell you that the end result is worth the wait.

It’s not over until God says it’s over. Allow David to be your example. Refuse to allow people who don’t know you to define you.