Shut Hell Up

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Day Eight: Be Clothed in His Righteousness

Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to change?

I have been on that roller coaster dozens of times. I am not like my mother, who has spent her whole life weighing the same 105 pounds. I’m not sure I ever hit that mark on my way up to my present weight.

I’m aware of my limitations; but I also know my strengths. I might not be as petite as my mom. But I sure can preach until the sky looks level, and I will pray for hundreds to receive their deliverance.

I am happy with the me God made.

What about you? You know you want change, and you want it now. You want to get unstuck and free. So, ask yourself the questions that Pastor Rick Warren poses: “Where do we get the power to change? How do we get our lives out of neutral?”

Let me suggest a simple answer: Jesus Christ offers us freedom from our self-doubt and negative decisions. He offers us the resurrection power that is available because He went to the cross, was buried, went to hell, and now holds the keys to death and hell. He set the captives free! This is why we can be called righteous. Jesus became sin for us and made it possible for us to live again.