Shut Hell Up

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Day Six: Yield to God

The great revelation of this story is that Joseph discerned God’s hand in placing him in Egypt for a specific purpose. When his brothers finally recognized him, they were sure that he would retaliate against them, so they begged for mercy.

Of course, Joseph told them that what they had meant for evil, God meant for good. He never intended to be unmerciful toward his brothers, because he had gone from broken to beautiful. This outstanding young man turned negative events into positives.

Let me assure you right now that you will move from brokenness to beautiful if you choose to stand. God’s Word promises that He will stand with us. Our responsibility is to yield and allow Him to be Lord. It sure makes the Christian life a whole lot easier.

Jesus in you is greater than any trial or tribulation that tries to devour you. It is up to you to believe it. God has already ordered your steps for today, tomorrow, and the next day. He promises that, even if you fall (which you will), you will not be cast down. In other words, He’s got you. Your obligation is to make sure that you don’t allow distractions to take you out.