Shut Hell Up


Day Two: Humble Yourself

Paul was praying about a thorn in the flesh that troubled him. No one really knows what the situation was, but most scholars feel that it was God’s way of helping Paul to stay humble. He could have tried to outshine even Jesus Christ. The Savior had already been crucified and resurrected, but Paul was there in the midst of the people.

In my daily interactions with people, I ask the Lord to help me remain transparent. I share my life struggles so they can be examples to those who are looking for answers. I want them to see that I find my answers on my knees. It’s not about giving glory to a man or woman. It’s about knowing the One who has a plan and who works that plan for you.

The fainthearted could not survive under such a leader. You’re reading this devotional because you are not fainthearted. You are looking for answers to get through your challenges. Eventually, you will realize that if Paul did it, so can you. And if I can do it, so can you. You might be facing one trial after another, but your purpose is still bigger than all of that.