Shut Hell Up

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Day Four: Ask Why

Our family has a friend who has been very close to us for forty-eight years. This year, he lost his son to a heart attack. We were all devastated, especially because our friend had also lost his wife to cancer just eight months earlier. During the grieving process, we all tried to understand why such tragedy had befallen our friend.

We looked to the Word and found that David, who became Israel’s king, often asked the question why in the Book of Psalms. Yes look what God said about David in Acts 13.

I think the biggest room in the human mind should be dedicated to things we don’t understand. We cannot act wisely and set ourselves up for success until we first decide that, even when we don’t understand them, God’s ways are higher than ours.

Each of us is going through the refining process. God calls us to yield to His plan so we can be transformed into His image and likeness. That is how He perfects us. The more we see ourselves as Christ sees us, the better we are able to submit to the process and let Him continue His work in and through us.