Shut Hell Up


Day Nine: Be Victorious

Bad things happen to good people. Being a Christian or a good person does not protect you from life’s calamities.

Adam and Eve set us up when they disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit. They chose what they thought was good. But it was evil, not only for them, but also for their descendants. Now death is promised to each of us. Because Adam and Eve represented all humankind, they brought the curse of pain and death into God’s perfect creation.

But understand that God doesn’t waste your pain. His will for you does not vacillate between good and bad. His heart is true, and His character is above reproach. You can trust and rely upon Him.

Your struggle may be real, but so is your God. No one can promise you an easy life, but I promise that you can be free. Just because you have had to fight some battles does not mean you are defeated. Even when you lose a battle, you haven’t lost the war. With God on your side, you are in the majority. You’re on the winning side. You have a place in God’s kingdom. You are no longer a victim.