Shut Hell Up

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Day Three: Believe in God’s Plan

This story is so beautiful because it shows the love of God toward us. Jesus was at the well for a reason. The encounter had been arranged long before the woman made her first bad choice. She was chosen by God for that specific time. The Messiah Himself touched her life. Despite the Samaritans’ distrust of Jews, a Jewish man came and told her everything about her life.

I can tell you that I had plenty of sins in my life that would compare to what this woman did. I’m sure she woman lived a lonely life.

But God had a plan for her. It was time for her to come face to face with Jesus Christ. I thank God that He knows my name and confronted me face to face after I suffered severe losses. I thank God that I was able to surrender and let Him take over my life. Isn’t it amazing that we can stumble into miracles—that people like you, me, and the Samaritan woman can meet Jesus?

As long as you have a pulse, God has a plan that is greater than whatever you are experiencing right now and greater than your past. Get that truth settled in your heart, and your situation will change.