Celebrating Creation


Creation's Grand Finale: Praise the Lord

We've reached the end of our series on Creation.

Right at the end of the Psalms in Ps 148 we find a picture of all creation and all of humankind being called to worship the Creator.  

As the worship of the Psalms comes to full crescendo, all parts of creation are called to be part of the glorious song of praise. The psalm breaks into three rough parts:

1. Praise the Lord from the Heavens.

2. Praise the Lord from the Earth.

3. Praise our Exalted God who brings Salvation.

The Heavens are called to bring praise to God. In the list are the Angels, the Sun, Moon and Stars and the waters above the skies. His majesty is reflected and showcased in sunrises, rainbows, countless stars and so much more. And why should these heavenly beings and bodies praise? Because God has created them and "set them in place for ever and ever".

The inhabitants of the Earth are called to praise. The oceans and sea creatures, the clouds and winds, the mountains and trees, the big animals, the little animals and birds and all kinds of people (ranging across status, gender and age) are called to offer praise.  

And we praise Him because "His name alone is exalted and his splendour is above the earth and the heavens. Our Hubble telescopes tell us the universe is still expanding from from that incredible moment of creation. Our electron microscopes tell us that there is incredible power in the tiny atom and gigabytes of storage in the human genome. God is awesome and creation showcases His awesomeness.

Finally we praise Him because: "He has raised up for his people a horn". In OT poetry and prophecy the horn represents power, salvation and the Messiah. A few days ago, we saw that creation is broken and suffering. Creation groaned as it waited for the Saviour who came and died on the cross to make us and creation whole. Soon He will return to complete that work.

And all of creation will rejoice!

Enjoy the Psalm!