Celebrating Creation


Implications: Responsibility (4) Don't miss it

We've talked about our responsibility to care for creation, to learn from creation and to let creation inspire us to worship the Creator, but there is a sombre warning that rounds off our responsibilities to creation.  

In his letter to the church in Rome, Paul argues that Creation is a signpost that more than adequately reveals God's power and divinity, and this means that there is no excuse for unbelief because creation makes God plain to those who would open their eyes...

I find it fascinating that more and more biologists and physicists are talking about "intelligent design". They are seeing a complexity and orderliness in creation that makes it clear that our world is not here by random chance. Many are saying that it actually takes more faith to believe that this all came into being by accident than it does to believe that this vast universe has a Creator.

But Paul goes further: Creation reveals a certain orderliness and balance that also serves as a warning to humanity that takes itself too seriously. Creatures are frail and temporary. When we forget that we are part of a bigger system, when we forget that we are creatures, when we take but don't give back, and when we upend the natural order of things, then we unleash chaos and heartache.

Paul looked at the greed and immorality that Rome had plunged into and suggests that they had ignored the truths that creation points to.  

I think it is very true that when society loses its sense of wonder when observing creation there is likely to be a crumbling of the moral, spiritual and ethical fibre of that society.  

We mustn't miss the message of creation!!