Celebrating Creation


Ex Nihilo

The Hebrew word that is used for "created" is "bara". The scholars tell us that this implies creation out of nothing. When we take clay and make a pot we are merely transforming, while God created.  

It is significant that God created "Ex Nihilo" (out of nothing). It makes it clear that EVERYTHING comes from Him. Some would go as far as saying that if God was all there was, then He made space in Himself to create.

This speaks of God's greatness and uniqueness.

The humorous story is told that some scientists found a way to create life...

They triumphantly called a meeting with God and said:

"Well God, we're now able to create life - we don't need you any more"

God answered: "Oh really? Show me..."

So the scientists got their test tubes and particle accelerators ready and said "OK, so we start with some dirt and we put it into..."

And God interrupted and said: "Uh uh - you make your own dirt...!"

At first there was nothing but God, and then He created - out of nothing.

Take some time today to drink in the beauty of creation and recognise that all this majesty and beauty began in the mind of God and then He called it into being out of nothing. We, us, the world, and the cosmos, are the imagination of God become reality! He thought of the bonds between protons in the atom and poured the power in to make it possible. He designed quarks and He pictured the majesty of the cosmic nebula. He imagined a mother's love, the joy of laughter and the beauty of music and art - all squeezed into a fragile human soul. He didn't pick from a catalogue or work from a recipe. He imagined all of this and then made it happen!

What a great and awesome God!