Celebrating Creation


The point of it all...

Creation is a controversial subject. People argue creation vs evolution. Literal seven days vs figurative seven days. Real Adam vs mythological Adam, and so forth.  

In our text for today, Paul is talking to the philosophers of the day in Athens. He's addressing the brightest and the best. Paul does a helpful thing when he discusses creation with these scholars: he doesn't talk about "how" but "why". 

When one gets down to the "why" of creation, the "how" is less of an issue.

Paul gives two reasons for creation: firstly, creation is a display of the glory and grandeur of God. God doesn't need a temple made by human hands—all of creation is His temple. Creation is an expression of His glory and majesty.

Secondly, creation is a signpost that points humanity toward God. God didn't create us because He was lonely. (God enjoys perfect community in the Trinity!) God creates because giving life, beauty and vastness to creation is an expression of WHO HE IS.

Creation is vast and majestic. The astronomers tell us that the universe is still expanding. As we unpack the wonders of DNA and other microscopic wonders scientists are using the phrase "intelligent design" more and more.

When we stand outside and see creation, the sense of wonder we feel is exactly what Creation was for.

So, in conclusion:

  • Creation isn't centered around us - it's about Him.

  • Creation makes best sense when its creatures know Him, though He isn't far from us.

So let's get outside more and see!