Celebrating Creation


Providence (2)

Providence means that God provides for and sustains creation. Our reading today is from Psalm 104 which is a beautiful celebration of God's loving and bountiful care for creation.  

As you read this magnificent poem, take note of the following:

  • God is great, majestic and clothed with splendour.

  • The beauty of creation are chariots and messengers of His splendour.

  • The act of creation (founding the earth, bounding the waters and sourcing the rivers) illustrates His authority

  • The animals and birds are nourished by the streams that are sourced from the mountains which are sourced from His "upper chambers".

  • The earth is satisfied by the fruit of His Work. This is the initial work of Creation and the ongoing work of Providence.

  • The destination of Providence is humankind. Cattle and crops are the work of His providence and we are meant to find sustenance and joy from it (v.15)

  • The trees, crags, moon and sun all play their part in an orderly creation where the lions roar and are provided for by God. And the lions go to bed after a night of roaring so that humankind can go about their work.

  • The sea is a source of diversity and wonder - including frolic-ing leviathan!

  • All creatures look to God for food and sustenance which He provides with an open hand.

  • The thought of God's absence is terrifying to creation, and creation is waiting to be renewed and sinners to vanish from the earth.

  • When volcanoes smoke and the earthquakes shake, the Psalmist recognises the power of the Creator and calls us to worship Him.

Take time to read this beautiful poem and let this picture of God's bountiful providence and care wash over you.