Celebrating Creation


Implications: Responsibility (3) Allow Wonder!

(Here's another take on Psalm 8)

You might find today's devotion about our responsibility to creation a bit strange: I believe that one of the primary purposes of creation is to be a signpost that points to God. As such, it is our responsibility to let creation do what it was created for - we have to follow the sign to the Creator and be caught up in worship and wonder.  

I firmly believe that one of the reasons that stress levels are higher in the cities is that we do not have enough contact with the splendour of creation.

David takes time to absorb and be gripped by the awesome beauty of creation. It washes over him and fills him with awe and praise. He examines the heavens, reflects on the diversity of flocks, herds, beasts, fish, and birds, and he realises his smallness in comparison to all that he sees.

He also realises that all of creation brings forth praise and that praise is a powerful weapon. Even the praise of an infant is enough to silence the enemy and the avenger. An attitude of gratitude and a spirit of praise can powerfully transform life. His song-meditation begins and ends with the conclusion that all that he sees brings only one conclusion: God is awesome and majestic.

David also realises his privilege. He is small and yet God has given him such a big role in creation. He is filled with a sense of unworthiness and humility as he realises his dependence on the Creator.

We don't worship creation, but it is a powerful signpost. It orientates us and simplifies us. It humbles us and restores a sense of wonder. Just when I think I have God all sewn up in my neat theological concepts and principles, I get profoundly shaken up by a thunderstorm, a sunset, or a mountain-pass and I realise that He is God and I am not...