Celebrating Creation


Providence (1)

Providence is the theological term for the idea that God not only created the world, but holds it, sustains it, looks after it and keeps it going according to His purpose and plan.  

In his letter to the Colossians, Paul describes Jesus as Creator and Sustainer of the world. Listen to the incredible statements he makes:

"For by Him all things were created..."

"...all things were created BY Him and FOR Him..."

"...He is before all things..."

"...in Him all things hold together"

Jesus was present, active and integral when the laws of physics were written, when the double-helix of DNA was conceived, when the fires of the sun were lit, when colour and sound were conceptualised along with eyes and ears to perceive them, and when the galaxy and its countless stars were called out by name (See Isaiah 40:12-26 (especially v.26)).

Creation is BY Him and FOR Him. He is the source and destination of creation. Creation is a fingerprint of His majesty.

But He also HOLDS all of creation together - He is the Sustainer of all of creation. His attention holds our earth at 23.5 degrees, the moon in its orbit, the protons in the atom, and He supplies the constancies: We call them Planck's constant, Avrogado's constant, Coulomb's constant etc. but these men only discovered these constants - it is Christ who who established them and keeps them constant.

Next time you think of Jesus as "gentle Jesus meek and mild" or as the "sweet baby in the manger," or as a "wise teacher" be reminded that He has creation in his CV, or resume, and current job description, and that all of creation will bow before Him!