Running For Your Life

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Jesus told His disciples that He must go away so that He could prepare a place for them. That place is for us, too, and we will cross the finish line of our race the moment Jesus calls us home. I have a feeling that when I enter into the presence of God after my race on earth comes to an end, I will want to receive the reward for running. I long to place each treasure at the feet of Jesus as a “thank you” for all the riches and blessings He has given me as His child! The Bible promises that in heaven there will be no more tears, no more trials, no more pain, and no more unfulfilled desires. The thought of hearing Jesus say, “Welcome home!” and seeing Him reach for me with His nail-scarred hands makes all the pain, uncertainty, and struggle worth it. To hear “Well done, good and faithful child,” is a great reward, but greater still will be living with God for eternity. 

Jesus faced opposition, pain, struggles, rejection, and sin without growing weary, and He has given the Holy Spirit to empower us to face each of these and keep running. We can face every trial knowing when we finish our final race, God is standing at the finish line applauding us because we fought the good fight and kept the faith. Therefore, we must keep running with Him, for Him, and because of Him. And when this race is over, we will see His face.