Running For Your Life

Day 8 of 10 • This day’s reading


There comes a time in everyone’s life when we are asked to surrender our wills to the sovereignty of God. If we do not know the Jesus of Scripture, we will never enjoy our relationship with Him as 

His children. How will we surrender to a loving God if we don’t know that He is love? I know all too well how hard it is to surrender your will to a God you barely know. For most of my life, I knew I 

was going to heaven but I certainly wasn’t having a good time on earth. Jesus was my Savior, not my life. 

When I began to really learn who God is and the truth of His Son, I realized Jesus was sitting on His throne, cheering me on to enjoy victory as His child. The Bible commands us to set ourselves apart from the world, and that is the key to living a victorious life. As much as I desired to live in freedom in my early Christian life, I discovered that to be free, I must be obedient. We are not to seek victory; we are to seek Jesus and obey Him, which leads to victory. If you are to run the race God has set for you, it’s necessary to remove anything that is blocking you from keeping your eyes on Jesus. God went to great lengths to show us who He is by sending Jesus. And in light of who God is, we get a glimpse into who we are. We are a new creation!