Running For Your Life

Day 9 of 10 • This day’s reading


God determines the destination and the rules. We can choose to obey God’s rule or live with the outcome of our choices. From the beginning when God created man, He made the choice to give you and me a choice. If we so choose to destroy our lives, He will allow us to. I can’t blame God for the consequence of my own choices.  I found out the hard way that every choice I made set in motion the consequence of that choice. To reap the consequences of our choice does not nullify God’s forgiveness. Forgiveness has nothing to do with reaping consequences. I will reap 

the consequence of every choice, and God will forgive each sinful choice. I guess this is why God’s grace is so amazing and His forgiveness is unfathomable. 

God takes every choice, every decision, and He uses each one as an opportunity to teach us His ways and lead us down the path He has paved for us. Jesus is the greatest example of all for how to run our own race. As you look over the life-changing events in your life, can you see the hand of God leading and encouraging you to keep running? Are the consequences of your choices stealing from you the will to keep living?  Do you struggle with shame? Remember, Christ came to set you free! You don’t have to be burdened the weight of sing. Yes, we experiences the consequences of our choices, but God will love us through our successes and failures. Jesus left heaven to offer us everything we need to run the race He has asked us to run. Run in freedom that He so graciously bought for you!