Running For Your Life

Day 7 of 10 • This day’s reading


Over the course of my life, I have made many decisions with consequences that sent me into chaos and helplessness. God had to bring me to a place where I had nothing to hold on to but Him. When I first decided to follow Jesus, it was for His blessings and benefits. It was 

all about me. I thought I could live as I pleased, and if ever I got to a place where I needed God to intervene, I would call on Him and He would rescue me and make all things good. How prideful I was, thinking the God and Creator of the heavens and earth was on standby, waiting to serve me whenever I summoned Him! 

The first step in my spiritual race was total dependence on God. True life began the moment I died to self and surrendered to the care of a loving Father. I realize now that God had to humble me to get my attention. I have always been strong-willed, believing I can work things out to get what I want in life. God loves me way too much to let me continue believing the lie that it’s up to me to make things work out. God created me for Him, and He has a plan for my life—a perfect one. 

Even if I am “poured out like a drink offering,” I have never walked or run down any path alone. In every area of my life and every difficulty I face, God gives me His strength, power, and peace within.