Running For Your Life

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The word “thirsty” can be expressed in many different ways: being anxious, greedy, hungry, parched, and impatient . . . longing, lusting, yearning, and dying for something. Some of these words take me back to my middle and high school years, to the days before I decided to follow Jesus when I had a longing and thirst for someone to love and accept me for who I was. 

When there is an unmet need or desire, people will sometimes do whatever it takes to find a way to quench their thirst, even if it means making unwise decisions. The desire to quench our thirsty and longing hearts is as real a need as the desire to drink water in order to quench our physical thirst. God has planted that longing to be loved deep in our hearts, and He alone can fill it. But we have to choose to accept His love. 

The Samaritan woman wanted to take Jesus up on His offer to give her living water that would help her never thirst again. Wouldn’t we all? Most of us seek everything and everyone to quench the thirst in our hearts . . . everyone except Jesus. What Jesus told the Samaritan woman is the same thing He tells us; nothing but what He offers will give eternal satisfaction.