Running For Your Life

Day 6 of 10 • This day’s reading


When we are in tough situations in our lives and facing critical decisions, often we listen to the opinions of others before we seek the wisdom of God. Though they are well-intentioned, sometimes other people may not know the choices we made that led us to the difficult place 

we find ourselves in. Our actions play a critical role in how we run our own race, and they often determine the consequences we experience, both good and bad. When I’m quick to call my friends for advice without the slightest thought to call on God first, my mind immediately goes to the story of Job in the Bible. 

Job was miserable. His body was wasting away, and he had nothing left except a wife who had given him permission to walk away from his God and die, and friends who were suddenly very anxious to offer their opinions on all this misfortune. But their advice was based on their limited knowledge. They didn’t know about the conversation between God and Satan, and this conversation is the single most important detail in the entire story. The book of Job teaches us the danger of giving someone advice based on personal experience and human wisdom. Yet how many times do we take the counsel of people before we seek the wisdom of God? How quickly do we call our friends when life falls apart, instead of calling upon God? Sure, it’s wise to seek godly counsel, but only after we have first sought God’s counsel. 

If you need wisdom, go to the source of all wisdom. If your “cheering squad” speaks truth from God’s Word, listen to what they have to say. If they can only offer their opinions or experiences, just go out for lunch and talk about the weather.