Running For Your Life

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If you have made a commitment to follow Jesus, did you know that it is God who establishes your steps as you journey through this race called life? Our life with Jesus starts with a call, and our spiritual journey begins the minute we accept it. Yes, it’s true, we have been called by God to run the race He has set for us. I don’t know your story, if it’s anything like mine, that may feel like a daunting and impossible thing.

Be encouraged today. You can run this race, and you can do it without getting tired or growing weary! Today’s scripture from Romans 8 reminds us that it’s His work that gives us the power to run. We have hope and encouragement in knowing that we are His children, His beloved, and He is our Father. He is always working for His purpose and for our good, so we can accept His call and run our race with confidence.