God, Sex and Your Marriage

What Did You See in The Mirror?

Congratulations! You made it through three weeks of learning about sex! Unfortunately, this reading plan won’t have an impact on your life and your marriage unless you do something with what you’ve learned. Today’s reading reminds us that studying God’s Word is like looking into a mirror. You will see some things that encourage you, but you will always see things that Lord wants to change in you. If you walk away from the mirror and go on with life as usual, you’ve wasted your time. However, the Word of God taught by the Spirit of God can help you made monumental changes.

Yes, God wants to make changes in your sexual relationship. He cares about it! There have been several times over the years during my time quiet time, I’ve heard the gentle nudge from the Lord to put my Bible down and initiate sex with my husband. As much as God wants me to read the Bible, He is more concerned about how I am living it out in my most intimate relationship.

What did you learn during these three weeks? What are three things the Lord specifically impressed upon your heart? What do you intend to do with what you saw in the mirror?

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