God, Sex and Your Marriage

What’s the Big Deal About Sex?

The world definitely talks about sex A LOT, but most Christians don’t realize that the Bible also puts a heavy emphasis on sex. Why is it so important? There aren’t many things that God tells a Christian husband and wife to do all the time. Read it for yourself. If you are married, God’s Word says you should be having sex, regularly. Did you notice the only reason given for not having sex? I’ve heard of a lot of excuses for avoiding sex, but none of them had to do with prayer and fasting.

Sex is, by God’s design, a very powerful emotional, physical, and spiritual force of bonding. While that power is extremely destructive when used the wrong way, it is a great source of good when lovingly exercised within marriage.

I’ve found that Christian messages often focus on playing “defense” in its teaching on sex. The emphasis is placed on trying to keep kids pure and husbands away from porn. Defense is important, but you never achieve victory without also having an offensive strategy.

The Bible is filled with encouragement for married couples to learn how to play both offense and defense in their sexual relationship. Over the next few weeks, we are going to walk through some of that teaching.

Building healthy intimacy in marriage takes work and usually means overcoming some significant barriers. However, the beauty of our God is that He is greater than every barrier. There is no sin too great for Him to bring forgiveness, no wound too great for Him to heal, and no conversation so delicate that His wisdom cannot speak into it.

Question to ponder:
How are you and your spouse doing in the application of I Corinthians 7:3-6? What do you hope God will do in your marriage through this reading plan?

Action Step:
Most married couples have never prayed together about their sex life. If you are both willing, pray together than God will bless your sexual intimacy as you seek Him in the coming weeks.