God, Sex and Your Marriage

Making Passion a Priority

Could you imagine if you took this admonition seriously and actually numbered your days? How many days would you have left on this earth if you were to live to age 70?

None of us know exactly how many days we have left, so we tend to squander them, thinking there will always be time to do what was left undone today.
Time management coaches often talk about the danger of allowing the “urgent” to override the “important.”

Although passion in your marriage is important, it may not be urgent. You can put it on the shelf for weeks and months while you attend to more urgent matters like a sick child, a work deadline or the dreaded school science project. In the meantime, the spark that you and your spouse once enjoyed is slowly fading.

No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, sexual passion in your marriage will not develop unless you make it priority. You won’t have more time when work slows down or when the kids get older. If you don’t make sexual love a priority today, chances are you never will.

I trust that over the past few weeks you have become convinced of the importance of nurturing love in your marriage, including sexual love. Who knows how many more days or nights you have to make love and to enjoy the beautiful gift of sexuality? Don’t squander today!